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Export trade

Distribute more than 100000+ products from excellent Chinese factories, laboratories and research

institutes with best price and quality. These products are widely used in Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, 

New material and Life sciences fields.

-Heterocyclic compounds

Azetidine, Oxetane, Thietane, Pyrrolidine, Oxolane, Thiolane, Pyrrole, Furan,Thiophene,

Imidazole, Pyrazole, Oxazole, Thiazole, Piperidine, Pyridine, Pyrazine, Piperazine, Pyridazine, Pyrimidine

-Chemical reagents

Esters/ Aromatic acids / fatty acid / Fatty alcohols / Boric acid / Cyanide / nitrile/ Aromatic ketones /Aromatic aldehydes / 

Halogenated aliphatic /Aromatic alcoho/ Phosphine ligand / Phenols / Thiol/Acyl  halideSulfonates / Sulfinates salts/ 

Cyanate ester/i socyanate/ Borane/Thiourea/ fluoroborate / Crownether / Sulfone / sulfoxide/ Tosylate/ Hydroxylamine / 

Cyclodextrin / Silane reagent

-Pharmaceutical intermediates

-Inorganic chemistry

-Dyes and Pigments

-Flavors and fragrances

-Food Additives

-Catalyst and Auxiliary

-Natural Products

Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing

-Medicinal chemistry scaffold and building blocks

-Scale-up of selected compounds for further evaluation

-Key and advanced intermediates

-Reference compound, assay standard, and metabolite



-APIs,  intermediates, raw materials and research chemicals from lab-scale to metric tons

-Rapidly locate the products most suited to your needs

-Provide highly efficient purchasing and procurement services through vendor consolidation


Communication & Customer service

-Transparency of information

-Order management and proactive updates

-On-time delivery and quality complaint resolution


Testing & Packaging

-H-NMR, C-13NMR, HPLC, GC, LC-MS and GC-MS etc

-Personalized packaging